Deer Organic Brown Basmati Rice 8 LB (3.6 KG)

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Organic Brown rice is high in supplements, while low in calories, making it an exceptionally solid sustenance. Organic Brown Basmati rice is an entire grain that can be utilized to meet the USDA's dietary suggestions of three every day servings of entire grains - every 1/2 measure of brownrice is equivalent to 1 serving of entire grains.

It is produced at the base of the Himalayas in Pakistan. Through our expertise and experience, every batch of rice is tested for purity and in the tender process of our milling broken grains are removed which separate starch that cause rice to be sticky.

Like a fine wine, Basmati enhances after some time. We age our Basmati with the end goal for it to develop, bringing about a more profound, wealthier taste and to guarantee the grains remain isolate when cooked.

  • 100% Organic White Basmati Rice;
  •  Gluten and
  • wheat-free

Why Organic?

Compared to organic food crops, conventionally-grown crops contain significantly more pesticide residues, which, depending on the type of pesticide and your level of exposure, may harm health.

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