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2 of the Best Jade Facial Rollers Available on Online Stores in Pakistan To Help With Your Puffy Face

A jade roller is made from strong jade stone, which is a paint facial roller type tool to diminish under-eye circles and puffiness and even limit the look of barely recognizable differences.

Catching up with beauty fads and trends is more or less difficult as catching up with online stores in Pakistan. There is at all times something nice and new to try, whether it be an under burst shape wear, human hair wigs or a face tool meant to aid with reducing puffiness such as a jade roller. 

Pakistani Jade facial roller highlights a larger stone for forehead, cheeks and jaw and a smaller stone for around the mouth and under the eyes to minimise the look of fine lines. To use it, roll the Pakistani Jade Roller from the centre of your face in outward and upward direction while applying gentle pressure. 

According to Dr. Jennifer Stoeckert, jade roller helps stimulate the lymphatic drainage and system through the face and increase circulation by gentle massaging motion. The Dr. Further added that for redness or puffiness its great and its soothing touch on the skin because of cool had stone helps in circulation. She also pointed out that many people use jade rollers for treating their skin with oils deeper and serums.

Here we have found 2 of the best jade rollers in Pakistan at best pice to try now.

Herbivore Jade Roller Facial in Pakistan

Herbivore Facial Jade Roller 

I love this Jade Roller. Really helps my under circle eyes in the morning,  says a customer at " A great roller to give oneself a lively face massage!"

Rs. 900 (Shop Now)


2 pack jade rollers online shopping in Pakistan


Beauty 2 Pack Jade facial Rollers

To get the most out of this double-sided massager, Herbarify recommends using this jade roller three days a week for five to 10 minutes.

Rs. 800 (Shop Now)

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